for Fasnacht
at Wyss+Santos Architekten in Basel (Switzerland)




BLOW celebrates two upcoming events in the month of February 2016 – St. Valentine’s Day and the Carnival. What makes this year special, is that the Carnival in Basel starts just the day after St. Valentine’s Day.


Whereas the so called ‘Lovers Day’ is something most of us are familiar with, the swiss Carnival, called Fasnacht, is less known. It’s an explosion of colours and music and what makes it such a beautiful scenery to watch, is that all the streets are FULLY covered with confetti.


One of the symbols of Basel’s Carnival is confetti in IT’S typical shape. And as for St. Valentine’s Day it’s represented by hearts, flowers, and lips. The intent with this art piece was to combine those typical symbols, colours and shapes of both of those events into one fresh idea.


BLOW merges the motif of a lipstick mark and Basel’s confetti with only two ingredients, chalk marker and foil, and presents the idea of lips blowing out confetti specially for the Carnival and St. Valentine’s Day celebration.