V.I.P. selfies

Exhibition during Art Basel @ SMUK in Basel, Switzerland

Bonjour stranger,


Come on in, and see the Exhibition!





Mademoiselle d’Avignon

In this case the ”V.I.P.” stands for Very Important Paintings/Portraits. The exhibition was especially prepared for Art Basel Fair 2016. The aspiration of V.I.P. selfies Exhibition was to introduce the classic art icons in a fresh and entertaining way. This process of morphing makes art more accessible and interactive.
That’s why a lively bar was a perfect location where people go to relax, chat and enjoy themselves. To engage the public and have fun with art was another purpose for this exhibition. It was essential that the chosen paintings were widely recognisable portraits or self-portraits. The chosen icons have the face part cut out allowing anyone to become that famous person for a moment. As the well-known artist Andy Warhol would say: ”Everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes”. This exhibition made it happen.
You can be Frida Kahlo, Roy Lichtenstein’s girl or one of Rafael’s cherubs. Guests can pick any of these paintings and take a selfie. The portrait made by Roy Lichtenstein has a special touch to it – the speech bubble is actually a foil that works as a white-board so you can write on it with a marker whatever you want, take a selfie, wipe it and pass to another person.
Additionally in between the cut out portraits there is a reproduction of Johannes Vermeer ”Girl with a Pearl Earring”. It makes the exhibition more diverse, presenting different ways to show art, and also exercise our memory by trying to recall the artist’s name and the title of the painting.
V.I.P.selfies Exhibition activates people creativity and captures it in a printed form. All the selfies were printed out and became a temporary art portraits wallpaper in the bar and later on a souvenir for the guests to take. There were plenty of portraits-selfies with very different face expressions, funny comments, in sun glasses…and also quite a few dog’s portraits. The exhibition showes how accessible art can be and how you can have fun with it.