The Shortest Xmas Message
at Wyss+Santos Architekten in Basel (Switzerland)
What inspired XO was the wish to spread a Christmas message that would be easily decoded by everyone.
Something that would bring tradition, modern technology and good memories together.
That’s why the international text messaging language was used.
And the ‘XO’ shortcut is probably one of the most popular one regardless of the age and geographical location.
The goal was to move that 2d digital, generic looking configuration into three-dimensional, alive form, with a Christmas touch.
The material was defined by the vivid memories, with gummy bears, that people have throughout the whole generations.
It’s a symbol of childhood, fun and delectation. (At least in Europe.)
People reacted very lively to gummy bears stuck onto glass, precisely because they were not expecting to see.
That element of surprise was very important to encourage spontaneous, genuine smiles on passer-by.
Although there were also some very unhappy faces of the parents, whose kids were licking the window glass the moment they saw the gummy bears :/
Gummy bears gave beautiful light effects, different during the day and night.
And depending weather the viewer is inside or outside the impression changes quite significantly.
XO lit up like a Christmas tree, just in time.