softsound is a series of handmade three-dimensional Acoustic Art Panels.


They were created to enhance the Beauty of the space and effectively soundproof it at the same time.


It is a perfect solution for both public and private spaces where sound absorption and the WOW Effect is desired.


softsound panels are entirely custom made creating a unique art piece to be enjoyed every time you look at it. 

Berlin Waves

Golden Orchids



SF dreamin’



Making New


The World Of Samples

US gem


Double Beauty






The whole softsound collection consists of 9 patterns creating original designs. Through its sculptural value with different lights settings softsound gives incredible variety of effects. Particular lighting directed on to the pattern can entirely transform the mood of the space. 


Additionally the panel is perceived differently from each angle, making it a three-dimensional experience. That is why it is great to place it where it can be admired from different perspectives. 






The colour spectrum supports the possibility to either morph the panels with the space or accentuate them and create an art piece in itself.






softsound panels are handmade and hand stitched with a high quality wool felt and cotton attached to a wooden frame using no glue or any artificial substances. This makes it a fully sustainable and environment friendly celebration of craftsmanship, design and art. 






Wool fibers are naturally breathable which makes it a perfect noise absorption material. Additionally the three-dimensional surface of the panel absorbs much more noise than a flat one would. 


Wool’s natural flame resistant properties make it an ideal fibre for interiors as it reduces the risk of fire spreading – wool is excellent when it comes to fire safety. However, on client’s request the panel can be treated to meet FR standards.






The size of the panel can be easily adjusted to the space needs covering the whole wall, or act as a beautiful painting hanged in a special place with additional lighting to create spectacular effect.






The panels are simple to maintain nevertheless should be treated with care as every art piece would.








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